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Here I go again…

This must be the thousandth time I’ve set up a new blog.  Always with a promise to myself that this time will be different, this time I will actually use it.  I never do.

However, this time really is different.  I’ve been writing more recently, mostly in a (somewhat bastardised) bullet journal.  There have been occasions, when writing in my journal, that I’ve missed the format and wider audience (if I’m lucky) of a blog.  It’s been probably 10 years or more since I’ve taken my blogging anywhere near seriously.  I was never brilliant at it, but I reckon my writing could pass for not half bad, or at least not too terrible.  If nothing else, I’ve always tried to make my writing honest.

I’m hoping this will also encourage me to dust the cobwebs off my camera(s).  Various not very nice things happened in my life in recent years which led to me not having the motivation to pick up a camera.  Stupid of me, because photography had become not just a passion but a reason to keep breathing.  I need to get that back.  I know that it can once again help me out of the deep depression I’ve fallen into, that it’s extremely beneficial to my mental health.

There is a wind of change in the air for me!

Photography will very much be a part of this blog.  Indeed I was using this domain name solely as a portal for my photography for some time.  Once I gather some momentum I may separate photography and writing but for now I’ve decided to cover all bases in one place.  Less chance of getting discouraged that way I think.

That said, don’t expect an immediate flurry of posts.  I will probably spend some time tweaking the site to my liking before concentrating on adding content.  We’ll see where the wind takes me.  If you’ve made it here, thanks for reading!

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  1. CaffeineJunky 2 September, 2017

    Depression sucks ass. I’ve suffered many times. Good luck to you, it’s a process.

    • Jackie 2 September, 2017 — Post author

      Hey CJ, good to see you! And yeah, sadly I’m far from new to the realms of depression too. It is what it is, as they say…

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