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ThoughtPixels is my personal space on the web.  The domain name has been used for various things over the years – originally a personal blog, then as a base for my photography.  Now it’s come full circle and is a mixture of the two.

My interests are wide and varied, but some examples of the things you may find here are photography, gaming, writing, vaping, bullet journalling, fountain pens, nail varnish, general geekery like Linux, and tea.  Never ever forget the tea!

Full Disclaimer:

This is me and my sometimes unedited thoughts, opinions and images.  If you don’t like or agree with something I’ve written or photographed, that’s fine, but also tough shit.  If you are abusive or just downright assholeish in the comments section, I will ban you.  This is not a place to exercise your “right to freedom of speech” (the go-to excuse for acting like a douchebag).  Over many years I have suffered fools gladly in various admin roles on various sites across the net.  This is not that version of me.  If you piss me off I will have no hesitation in either ignoring you totally or pressing the big red fuck off button next to your name.

That said, I’m generally easy going and get along with most people.  I am in no way saying that nobody should ever disagree with me either, just please do so in a polite and constructive (or friendly piss-taking) manner and we’ll be fine.

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